“This week, all owners of lots within the Poinciana Community Development District (“PCDD”) and the Poinciana West Community Development District (“PWCDD”) received a mailed notice of an amenity assessment hearing to be held on September 5, 2018. The mailed notice is provided pursuant to Chapters 170, 190 and 197 of the Florida Statutes. Please remember that no amenity assessments will be certified for collection until after the bond validation is concluded and there is a closing on the sale of the amenities, neither of which have occurred to date.
To answer questions that have been received about the mailed notice and the hearing, the Districts offer the following additional information.
1. The amenity assessments referenced in the mailed notice are NOT new assessments. The amenity assessments were already established by the PCDD and PWCDD at public hearings on December 13, 2017.
2. Your amenity assessment will NOT increase as a result of this hearing.
3. The hearing relates solely to the amenity assessments levied on undeveloped lands listed in the Master Methodology as owned by Avatar Properties, Inc.
4. This hearing is only necessary to update and correct the parcel identification numbers of certain undeveloped land in the PCDD identified in the Master Methodology as owned by Avatar Properties, Inc. and to reflect the recent establishment of individual lots within the PCDD on previously undeveloped land.
5. The amenity assessment amount for lots established in the future is not proposed to change as a result of this hearing.
6. All developed lots are proposed to have the same amenity assessment, and in the same amount established on December 13, 2017.
7. The club membership fees you currently pay will cease to be collected after a closing on the sale of the amenities.
Please contact George Flint at 407-841-5524 with any additional questions. Thank you.”