Midge Treatment:
Clarke Environmental continues to perform all larval treatments on the problem ponds as often as the product label allows. They attempted to treat ponds E-3 and C-10 last Friday, but the severe weather prevented the work. The larval treatments have been rescheduled for Thursday, July 11th. Supplemental barrier treatments were performed on properties on the morning of July 9th in areas where complaints were received.

In regards to the aerators, additional tubing has been ordered and paid for to extend the aerators to the originally planned locations. A rush was placed to get priority on the shipping of the tubing. Once the tubing is received, it will be installed. As you know, the solar aerators that were installed are not designed to run 24 hours a day and the manufacturer does not provide a retrofit battery system. However, we are looking at third party options to retrofit the aerators with batteries. We will do a test case with one of the aerators. We are waiting on the final write up from a supplier before we will have a cost estimate and timeframe. Please remember that the aerators are not an immediate solution to the midge problem. It is just one tool that the CDDs are implementing to address the midge issue.
Both CDD Boards approved stocking of fish in certain ponds at their May meetings. Unfortunately, our contractor had difficulty locating fish (it was a high demand period). Now that fish have been located, there is concern that the water temperatures are not ideal to introduce new fish into the ponds. There is a high risk that the fish will not survive. As a result, the Boards are considering delaying the stocking of fish until the Fall.
Aquatic Maintenance:
Clarke Environmental continues to perform their treatments for algae, invasive grasses, etc. and ponds are generally in good shape.
If you have questions or concerns regarding midge treatment or pond maintenance, please direct them to the District Manager’s office at 407-841-5524, ext. 112.