New residents, or owners who purchase or change out vehicles, can obtain Transponders for resident gate access. To schedule your appointment, contact the District Manager at 407-841-5524. Appointments are typically set for Monday at 10 AM at the rear gatehouse, however, other times can be individually set as needed. These times may adjust, and you MUST call to schedule your appointment. In order to have a transponder installed, the vehicle has to be owned by a Baytree property owner or registered to a Baytree address. If you do not have updated vehicle registration, a lease or closing paperwork will be required, When you arrive for your scheduled appointment, you will need the vehicle, vehicle registration, and $25 check (made out to Baytree CDD) or cash for the transponder (per transponder installed). Staff will test the location of the transponder and install permanently for you. Once installed, the transponder should not be removed, or it could be deactivated, and you will have to pay for a replacement. Should you have any questions, please call the District Manager at 407-841-5524.

Amenity Statement

The Baytree Recreation Facilities (the “Facilities”) is owned and operated by the Baytree Community Development District, a local unit of special purpose government established and operating pursuance to Chapter 190, Florida Statues (the “District”). Anyone interested in purchasing an annual Non-Resident Membership to utilize the Facilities, including members of the general public residing outside the boundaries of the District, should contact Jason Showe, the Manager of the District at 407-841-5524. Additional information regarding memberships can be found in the Recreational Facilities Policies and Procedures and the Club Schedule:

Amenity Access Form: PDF | RTF

Amenity Rules: PDF | RTF

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Strategic Plan: PDF | RTF

5 Year Capital Plan: PDF | RTF

30 Year Re-Paving Plan: PDF | RTF

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Security and Pavilion Update: PDF | RTF

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Resident Training

2017 Roadway Project Information: PDF | RTF

Water Aerobics Flyer: PDF | RTF

Final Gate Facilities Rule: PDF | RTF

Baytree Lake Map: PDF

Information for Transponder Requests: PDF | RTF

Information for Conservation Area Trimming: PDF | RTF

Memo Regarding Golf Cart Driving in the Community: PDF | RTF

Memo Regarding Updating Information for Security: PDF | RTF

Memo Regarding Fishing in Baytree CDD: PDF | RTF

Process for Reporting Burned Out/Broken Street Lights: PDF | RTF